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Clear Indications of Tree Removal


Trees are beautiful assets to our residences that enhance their curb appeal and make them look attractive. However, sometimes, they need to be removed. Why and how do you know when it’s time to do that?

  • They are too lean. Leaning and heavy tree branches can cause serious injuries and damage if they fall onto your family members, vehicle, or house.

  • They are already dead. If you can spot large and dry tree limbs, most probably they are already dead. Such a tree should be taken down as soon as possible as it poses a threat to your residence.

  • 50 % or more of it is damaged. In this case, it can continue thriving but its removal is recommended due to the danger it presents.

  • Rotted root system. There could be several reasons for that issue. Nevertheless, it should be addressed immediately as it can become dangerous for yourself and your family.


From Sheltons Tree Service LLC, you can expect tree removal with impeccable end results. Are you based in Laytonville, CA? Then, call us at (707) 354-1995.


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